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Latest Java and Programming Tutorials

C++Tutorial for Beginners 38 – Arithmetic Operators

Let’s take a look at the arithmetic operators in C++, which include the familiar plus, minus and so ……..

C++Tutorial for Beginners 37 – Pointers; Where C++ Starts to Get Tricky
C++Tutorial for Beginners 36 – Constructor Initialization Lists
C++Tutorial for Beginners 35 – The “this” Keyword; A First Taste of Pointers
C++Tutorial for Beginners 34 – Overloading Constructors

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Java Spring Framework Tutorial

The Java Spring Framework Tutorial

My latest premium tutorial is an extensive introduction to the popular Spring Framework, including web programming with Spring MVC. $29.
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Java for Complete Beginners

Java for Complete Beginners

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  • robert Dye October 30, 2014, 9:49 pm

    Hello Jon, Ive been following your tutorials on Java.
    A lot of them are somewhat easy to grasp after trying them a few times, however others are a bit more difficult and have been using other tutorials to help solidify what the meaning is.
    One issue with your tutorials i have is that you do speed through some, i try to write word for word what you write and then re-look at what I’ve done but a lot of the time you go really quickly and its hard to keep up without pausing the tutorial.
    For future tutorials, could you please slow it down a little, not everyone is fast at learning or typing and it would help a whole lot if your speed was reduced. Very much obliged.
    With your help, i will make a better life. So many thanks. Rob

    • robert Dye October 30, 2014, 9:57 pm

      Oh and i forgot to add, Please don’t take this as a shout or rant or anything negative. But can you use other examples of class names rather than keep using machine, person, or plant etc as i have a few of those and many different variation as well from your other tutorials and from another person’s.
      I keep all tutorials in eclipse and i keep having to create my own classes and modify what your writing. (I know i should do that, but i do after the tutorial is done) But doing that while your teaching is hard and can get very confusing. Please use others like dog, cat, planet, whatever you like, just not machine, please. Very Much Appreciated. your tutorials are awesome by the way, thank you for your time

      • John October 30, 2014, 10:56 pm

        :) Fair enough, I’ll at least think about it! I use Person a lot because it’s a realistic example and Person is a category. I suppose dog is a category too, but a little unrealistic to get into sub-categories of dogs in a program … Regarding speed, would you believe someone tried very hard to convince me recently that I needed to speed up a lot. There’s no really happy medium. People in favour of speeding up argue that you can pause or repeat a video, while those in favour of slowing down say that I lose them sometimes. I can at least try to avoid rapidly clicking between files and try to keep a measured pace ….

  • mohamed Hamed October 29, 2014, 6:49 am

    I like the way you teach in details
    I will study your advanced java courses Servlets and JSPs (and JSTL)

  • Nishul Tomar October 28, 2014, 8:19 am

    sir, i’m really a huge fan of ur video tutorials & i’m finding them very helpful in making my java concepts really solid
    i’ve send u a email @ ur email .i.d. requesting for accessing paid tutorials in free