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Latest Java and Programming Tutorials

C++Tutorial for Beginners 38 – Arithmetic Operators

Let’s take a look at the arithmetic operators in C++, which include the familiar plus, minus and so ……..

C++Tutorial for Beginners 37 – Pointers; Where C++ Starts to Get Tricky
C++Tutorial for Beginners 36 – Constructor Initialization Lists
C++Tutorial for Beginners 35 – The “this” Keyword; A First Taste of Pointers
C++Tutorial for Beginners 34 – Overloading Constructors

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Java Spring Framework Tutorial

The Java Spring Framework Tutorial

My latest premium tutorial is an extensive introduction to the popular Spring Framework, including web programming with Spring MVC. $29.
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Java for Complete Beginners

Java for Complete Beginners

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Get a Job as a Software Developer

If you’re looking to get a job in software, my free Java for Complete Beginners is all you need, at the minimum. If you master the contents of this course and you’re prepared to travel and apply for lots of stuff, while there are no guarantees, you’ve got a good shot at getting a job as a programmer. This course includes advice about getting a job.

If you want to improve your chances by learning an advanced Java specialisation, my Servlets and JSPs (and JSTL) course gives you very marketable skills. You’ll need to separately study HTML and CSS a bit (not as hard as Java!) and preferably some SQL too.

Alternatively, you could Learn Android Programming or try Mastering Java Swing; Swing is widely taught in universities, but there are less jobs around for it than for web-based stuff (see Jobserve).

Finally, The Java Spring Tutorial gives you some very hot skills, but it’s advisable to learn about Servlets and JSPs first, unless you like being dropped in at the deep end.

My other free courses, Java Multi-threading and Java Design Patterns and Architecture, will certainly improve your chances in a job interview, and you can take them in whatever order you like.


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  • mohamed Hamed October 29, 2014, 6:49 am

    I like the way you teach in details
    I will study your advanced java courses Servlets and JSPs (and JSTL)

  • Nishul Tomar October 28, 2014, 8:19 am

    sir, i’m really a huge fan of ur video tutorials & i’m finding them very helpful in making my java concepts really solid
    i’ve send u a email @ ur email .i.d. requesting for accessing paid tutorials in free