Discover the Powerful Java Spring 3.2 Framework

Learn How to Use Spring and Hibernate
to Create Powerful and Secure Websites
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What You Will Learn In This Course

This course teaches you how to create websites using the highly-popular Spring Framework. It assumes knowledge of core Java; some knowledge of HTML and SQL is also helpful. Maven knowledge is not required. Spring is an advanced skill, highly in demand in the job marketplace. If you're looking for a more basic introduction to web programming in Java, you might want to check out at least the free preview videos in my Servlets and JSPs tutorial first.

In this course I'll develop a complete web app right in front of your eyes.

We'll examine Spring step-by-step, starting with the basics of Spring itself and moving onto autowiring, JDBC, Hibernate, the Spring MVC (web) fromework, form validation and much more.

Java is used to create secure "enterprise level" websites, of the kind typically used by banks and utility companies. These skills are highly valued by employers.

After completing this course and trying out the code for yourself, you'll be able to develop complex data-driven websites and to interface to databases using Hibernate.

169 Tutorial Videos With In-Depth Explanation

  • Setting up your system with Eclipse EE, Tomcat and Maven
  • Beans and autowiring
  • Spring expression language (SPEL)
  • Databases, connection pooling, JDBC and Hibernate
  • Forms and form validation
  • Aspect-oriented programming (AOP)
  • Apache tiles
  • Testing and debugging with Log4j, JUnit and Spring profiles
  • Using webflow to create page flow sequences
  • Creating dynamic pages with JSON and AJAX
  • Complete source code of all projects included
  • Lifetime access and all videos downloadable

What Subscribers Are Saying About the Spring Framework 3.2 Tutorial ....

Best web-programming course I've ever attended

I have few years of programming experience, tried many video courses about different technologies. As title of my review says, this course is in fact best course I've ever attended. John Purcell is a great teacher with attention to details, which helps you understand rules of Spring deeply. This is the reason why this course is 28 hours long. Even if it is about Spring 3, it's 2014 and Spring 4 is out for few months, don't worry - you will get a lot of useful and spring-universal knowledge. ... FIRST complete THIS course, because no other teacher will explain you things THAT good. 1000000% recommend.

Well worth the money and time

Seriously excellent course. The teacher is very methodical and thorough. Great audio and video quality. I've also learnt a lot of convenient things about eclipse that I for some reason never heard of before these videos. This course may save my grades for one of my papers (which is less methodically taught, and with a different emphasis), so thank you!

Java Spring Tutorial

This is an excellent course for learning Spring. John's unique style of teaching makes you feel like you are sitting with him rather than listening to a set of scripted lectures.

The best tutorial on Spring Framework

Thanks John, You have done a very nice tutorial, You have covered almost all the basic concepts in Spring Framework, You have really worked very hard for preparing these videos, You have inspired me with all you tutorials. Hope you continue to inspire more and more people with more tutorials. All the best john :-) :-)